BHC: Vero Beach, FL.
February 16 & 17, 2008

BHC: Dundrum,
Northern Ireland

April 12 & 13, 2008

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Becoming the Human Crystal™ is a process.... a technology... that prepares us for the next stage of personal & planetary transformation, which we are now entering. Humanity and the Earth Mother are undergoing a transformation of unprecedented proportions. A physical, spiritual and energetic evolution is being experienced by millions of people around the world who are now awakening to consciousness. Each new spirit that awakens becomes a spark in the flame of planetary transformation. Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, our transformation must be completed if humanity and the Earth are to survive. Each person has a crucial role to play in the coming times, and the awakening of each individual spirit is critical to the evolution of our species and our planet.

But what, exactly is this transformation? Why are so many awakening right now, and what does this awakening have to do with the Earth? What is it that we are evolving into, and what is our role upon the new Earth that is about to be birthed? And, most importantly, how can we complete this transformation? What is it that you are being asked to do?

Information is now emerging about the exact nature of this evolution, and specific techniques that can be utilized for personal and planetary healing and transformation. This information and series of techniques has been brought together to create a process called Becoming the Human Crystal™.

Becoming the Human Crystal™ is a process and a technology that allows each of us to consciously direct our own transformation and evolution. Through this evolutionary process we can and will create a world of peace, abundance, and sustainability. Becoming the Human Crystal™ is a process of becoming a clear, resonant channel for spirit by cleansing and realigning the physical, emotional and spiritual self as we learn to walk in balance on this evolving planet. First and foremost, however, it is about becoming a spiritual midwife; birthing yourself, the planet, and those around you into a new sphere of Light and life. The Becoming the Human Crystal™ process is a grounding of frequency upon and within the planet; with your self as the conduit. It is a process of consciously walking upon the Earth; of setting Light energy into the Earth's energetic field with each step we take and each breath we breathe. It is a personal spiritual path, a healing technique, and a way of being that quickly and easily aligns the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies with the increased frequencies we are now experiencing.

Becoming the Human Crystal
Manifesting Personal & Planetary Transformation
A 2 day Intensive Activation Workshop

with Naisha Ahsian

This two-day workshop will explore:

  • The Human Crystal-- our structure, purpose, and how we can utilize our Human Crystal to interact consciously with the vibratory pattern of the Earth and all things upon and within it to facilitate personal and planetary transformation.
  • Specific exercises and practices to activate the Human Crystal; allowing you to carry a new, broader range of frequencies that will be required in the coming times.
  • The grounding of the light body through the activation of the Human Crystal.
  • Earth evolution: how the Earth is evolving, how this evolution affects our Human Crystal, and how our conscious evolution affects the evolution of the planet.
  • The Energetic Neoteny™ model of consciousness and how to employ this technology to accelerate personal and planetary clearing and activation.
  • Consciously working with plant, animal, and stone devas, inter-dimensionals, inter-galactics, and other guides to work your sacred path.
  • How to utilize ancient and sacred vibrational tools and ritual practice to facilitate Human Crystal activation and personal & planetary transformation.
  • Crystals and crop-circles, and their relationship to the current evolutionary cycle as "signs of the times", and their effects on the Human Crystal.
  • The ancient pan-cultural practices of Earth centered spirituality, and their emerging role in the evolution of the Earth and Humanity in right relationship with All-That-Is.
  • Your personal role in the larger evolution and how to discover the skills and knowledge you can employ to fulfill both your spiritual destiny and your sacred path.
  • Integrating alternate lifetimes as a path to reclaiming balanced personal power, integrating "karmic" lessons, and understanding response-ability in the coming times.
Each participant will leave with a set of clear, effective tools for the ongoing work of Human Crystal activation, as well as an understanding of how these tools can be utilized to work your own personal path of sacred service to the Earth, humanity and all our relations. You will also leave with a set of questions that we will use as the basis for ongoing discussion on Naisha's website message board, as a way of creating a network of attuned light workers around the planet.

The time is now!